School Books Bundle Deal of the Week
School Books Bundle Deal of the Week
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Archie Meets Glee- The most-talked about crossover event of the year is now available as a graphic novel! Thatís right; the Riverdale gang is crossing over with the teens of the hit Fox-TV series GLEE and musical mayhem is sure to ensue! When Archie and his friends, thanks to an invention of Diltonís, crash-land in McKinley High School, theyíre in for a surprise when they encounter teenagers very similar to themselves; teens who happen to occasionally burst out in song, that is! Itís all fun and songs, of course, until the impending collision of two universes threatens the world as we know it. Can Dilton restore everything back to normal, or are our pals Ďní gals of Riverdale and the musical teens of Lima, Ohio doomed? Find out in Archie Meets Glee.

Archie Freshman Year Book 1- See how it all began, as Archie and the Gang walk through the doors of Roverdale High for the very first time! Witness the beginning of the classic love triangle. See the start of Moose and Midge's epic relationship, and Reggie's subsequent schemes to split them up. All of the drama, all of the laughs are right here in the palms of your hands! So grab your pens and pencils because class is in session!

Clash of the New Kids- Riverdale High is being invaded by fifty new kids! A neighboring high school has closed due to budget cuts and 50 students are transferred to Riverdale High. Amidst a healthy dose of slapstick humor and high school intrigue, is an emphasis on the importance of embracing diversity, making new friends and resolving conflicts.

School Daze- Check out all your favorites--Archie, Betty Veronica, Reggie, Jughead, and more at Riverdale High! Can Archie balance his two-pronged love life and keep his grades up, all under the watchful eye of Principal Weatherbee? Will Reggie be able to continue his chaotic pranks without spending every day in detention? Can Jughead indulge his bottomless appetite when Ms. Beazley's cafeteria food is so...unique? It's high school fun in a great pocket-size edition, printed on bright white paper with a cardstock cover!