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Married Life Graphic Novels
Married Life Graphic Novels
Item# BK-MLB1-3
Regular price: $79.92
Sale price: $43.99

Product Description

Married Life Book 1- Two Worlds, two loves, two destines - read what each unique future is like when Archie Marries Betty and when Archie Marries Veronica in Archie's most critically acclaimed graphic novel ever! Collects the first six issues of both Archie Marries Veronica and Archie Marries Betty as originally seen in the newsstand magazine Life with Archie.

Married Life Book 2- Collects issues 7-12 from the popular newsstand publication Life with Archie, exploring Archie Andrews' life down two paths - if he had married girl next door Betty Cooper or wealthy socialite Veronica Lodge. This 320-page full-color edition is the most critically acclaimed storyline in Archie Comics history - ideal for adult graphic novel sections but suitable for readers of all ages.

Married Life Book 3- The third volume of Archie's highly acclaimed graphic novel series features Paul Kupperberg's tight-knit ongoing romantic storyline of Archie as a young newlywed in two very different universes--one where he marries wealthy socialite Veronica Lodge and the other where he marries girl-next-door Betty Cooper. In this volume, things really start getting interesting, as the mysterious Dilton Doiley subplots that have been bubbling just below the surface since the series' beginning start to affect... well, everything! Nothing is ever simple for Archie Andrews! In the Archie Marries Veronica storyline, the title relationship is facing some serious struggles. On the Archie Marries Betty side, Archie's trying to juggle more than his share of responsibilities... And in both storylines, Dilton and Ambrose are bringing some shocking, reality-shaking revelations to light that affect everyone in Riverdale... and possibly the world. Features the marriage of Kevin Keller which sold out its first printing in the Eisner-nominated Life with Archie Magazine #16.