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The Best of Special

The Best of Special
Regular price: $19.98
Sale price: $17.00

Product Description

Best of Archie Book 1: Celebrate 70 years of Archie Comics fun with this massive full-cover collection of over 50 favorite comic book stories hand-selected by noted Archie writers, artists, editors and historians. Also included are loads of entertaining behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the comics, their creators, and Archie’s unique impact on America’s pop culture! Designed for young and old alike, this is both a must-have companion for anyone who has grown up with Archie and a perfect introduction for new readers.

Best of Archie Book 2: The celebration of 70 years of Archie Comics fun continues with this full-color collection with over 400 pages of classic and much-loved comic book stories featuring America’s favorite teenagers. Following up on the success of the top-selling THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS, this second volume brings together another must0have collection for Archie fans young and old! THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS Book Two collects some of the best known and beloved Archie stories, hand-picked from the company’s rich, 40-year old history. Included in this volume are exclusive behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the creators who brought they stories to life! An essential addition to anyone’s library!